Autumn dance instructors



Daniel and Desirée were aboard with us back in 2017 - and you can see the show they performed in the video below. They wanted to join us again this year and we were ecstatic so we told them to join along for the ride.

Daniel Sanchez Berlanga, born on the 6th of October in 1986, is from the province of Seville, Spain. From a young age, at only 10 years old, Daniel started to dance hip-hop, funky, breakdance, and more. He began to learn Latin dance in 2009 for the first time.
Desirée Guidonet Esteve was born on the 16th of october in 1988, and is also from Seville, Spain. She has been a “salsera” since the age of 13 and has even acted on certain occasions. It wasn’t until 2009 until she started to professionally dance Latin rhythms.

This dance pair came about thanks to their families who loved the latin parties in Seville. Later on they would decide to participate in the BachataStar dance competition in Seville, without having any expectations at winning. They ended up winning the competition and after that they were then motivated to continue trying out for more competitions and getting more experience under their belt, It was especially motivating for Desirée.

Today they are known as one of the most important dance couples in the world of Sensual Bachata and they have no desire to slow down their dance careers.



Alfonso and Mónica started dancing together back in 2000, as part of a dance group at the Baibal Dance School. At Baibal, they studied various types of Latin Dance and Ballroom Dance. Eventually, they became sub-champions of Europe in Retro Dance. What was once a hobby for these two, turned into their successful career and way of life. In 2005, they started to take on their career as a professional dance duo. They have continued studying latin rhythms, but have also decided to compliment it with other styles such as: contemporary dance, classical dance, afro beats, and sport dance. They have been dance champions three years in a row for the regional dance competitions of Murcia. The Salsa Open, and the national finalists (2006, 2007, and 2008). They’ve also been finalists for the Brugal Salsa Open in 2007.

For over ten years they have been leading pioneers in how bachata dance is evolving in Spain. International and Spanish national judges have chosen them in some of the most prestigious bachata and salsa competitions. Currently, Alfonso and Mónica are continuing to dance bachata and salsa a high number of events across Spain and throughout Europe, where they are participants and instructors. You’re guaranteed to have an amazing experience with these two.



Ronald and Alba are a new revelation in the world of Bachata - not only for their success in 2018 in the World Bachata Master which brought them to the forefront as the best dance pair in the world of Bachata, but also for their astonishing trajectory! They haven’t stopped winning titles since 2012! Since then they have been travelling the world, promoting their classes of bachata fusion - which characterizes them so much - uniting modern bachata with dominican bachata and sensual bachata. la bachata sensual.

Alongside their dance company “Estilos Unidos,” they have taken their characteristic bachata around the world with them, throughout Europe, to Brazil, Argentina, Turkey, China, Israel and more.

Vienen por segunda vez al Crucero del Baile. En la primera ocasión se ganaron el cariño y la admiración de todos nuestros alumnos.

Korke y Judith


Korke is an old school style dancer, even though he doesn’t appear to be. He has been dancing salsa at an international level for over ten years now. Korke is not only a dancer, but he is also a choreographer, a director, and the founder of the dance company, Dancing Dragons, which was the Spanish Salsa champion in 2008.

Judith is one of the most promising talents in Latin dance in Spain. She’s full of energy not only in social dancing, but also on the stage.

As a pair, they have a special vitality not only in guiding social dancing, but also performing on stage. The public loves them not only for their professionalism, but also for their friendly approach.

Evelyn La Negra


La Negra is a Venezuelan reporter who is currently based in Barcelona, Spain. She has her degree in Social Communication from the Central University of Venezuela. She’s a Salsa and Latin Rhythms dance instructor, as well as a DJ, and the creator of the project La Negra.

She has been the General Coordinator for the Dance Cruise since its first edition. She puts her heart and soul into all of her projects and the staff know they can count on her.

Full Project


These two are also known as Gigi and Gigi and they have an unmatchable rhythm that can’t be found in any other dancers. Their vitality is contagious and they transmit their energy into all of their numerous events. Not only are they dance instructors but they are also authentic showmen worth watching.

In 2016, they were the star performers at over 20 top level Spanish conferences. Would you like to get to know them in person?

Gloria Ramos


She often partners up with Truji and together they form Truji and Gloria, although she is often well known for her solitary style. She has been teaching for many years and currently gives dance classes in Barcelona. She also attends dance conferences all over the world.



Sergio and Marichu are international Sensual Bachata dancers that participate in competitions around the world. They are also the artistic representatives of Danield Sanchez and Desiree Guidonet, and also of Dj Khalid. They are also co-organisers of the bachata festival “DyD Congress” which is celebrated once a year in Spain. Back in 2017 they were instructors on this Dance Cruise, and this year they are back stronger than ever.



Ouzin is originally from Morocco but currently lives and words in Lisbon. He is the creator of the project Love2Dance, where he is also a dance instructor and choreographer. Love2Dance has been able to organise innumerable events and festivals, including the famous KBS Lisboa and L2D Beach Festivals. Ariella Pires, originally from Brazil but also living in London, became the founder of KIKI Girls over 20 years ago. It’s a community of girls who organise various initiatives, events, workshops, and more. One choreographed project is called the “KIKI Girls Show Team” which she organises alongside giving classes in Salsa, Kizomba, and Bachata at various schools.