Spring dance instructors

Evelyn La Negra


La Negra is a Venezuelan reporter who is currently based in Barcelona, Spain. She has her degree in Social Communication from the Central University of Venezuela. She’s a Salsa and Latin Rhythms dance instructor, as well as a DJ, and the creator of the project La Negra.

She has been the General Coordinator for the Dance Cruise since its first edition. She puts her heart and soul into all of her projects and the staff know they can count on her.

Full Project


These two are also known as Gigi and Gigi and they have an unmatchable rhythm that can’t be found in any other dancers. Their vitality is contagious and they transmit their energy into all of their numerous events. Not only are they dance instructors but they are also authentic showmen worth watching.

In 2016, they were the star performers at over 20 top level Spanish conferences. Would you like to get to know them in person?

Gloria Ramos


She often partners up with Truji and together they form Truji and Gloria, although she is often well known for her solitary style. She has been teaching for many years and currently gives dance classes in Barcelona. She also attends dance conferences all over the world.

Erik & Mónica


Erik and Monika are professional dancers of mambo, pachanga, salsa, rumba, and salsa On2. They’ve participated in numerous national and international dance festivals. Currently, they offer dance classes in Vitoria, Spain. Make sure to take advantage of this cruise to learn directly from them!

Korke & Judith


Korke is an old school style dancer, even though he doesn’t appear to be. He has been dancing salsa at an international level for over ten years now. Korke is not only a dancer, but he is also a choreographer, a director, and the founder of the dance company, Dancing Dragons, which was the Spanish Salsa champion in 2008.

Judith is one of the most promising talents in Latin dance in Spain. She’s full of energy not only in social dancing, but also on the stage.

As a pair, they have a special vitality not only in guiding social dancing, but also performing on stage. The public loves them not only for their professionalism, but also for their friendly approach.

Berra & Laura


Berra and Laura offer bachata workshops, classes and shows in various dance schools. They also assist national and international dance conferences. They have been the champions of Todo Bachata and earned second place at the the Bachata Stars World Competition. They also won first place by public vote at the World Bachata Masters Championship in 2018.